A new entry in the Czech Book of Records

23. August 2011, 15:35 | On August, 20th 2011 the third year of Beskydy Records 2011 took place, within which a lishing record of non stop eating the MARLENKA honey cake was made.

At 9.00 AM Vojtech Bernatsky, a speaker of Beskydy Records, together with Mgr. Michael Novák, a deputy of the mayor, opened an all day long strive for an entry in the Czech Book of Records. Not only the citizens of Frýdek-Místek were continuously queuing with patience during all day 
to register for participating this event. After that everybody in a pair, while relaying, consumed a 100g piece of Marlenka cake. Only those who have taken part in this event know that this task was not easy. The participants managed to plough to the Czech Book of Records within 12 hours 
non stop consuming MARLENKA honey cakes and to set a new untraditional Czech record, when 918 persons  managed to eat almost 100 kg of the delicious MARLENKA cake within 12 hours.

That is the second entry of MARLENKA in the Book of Records – the first one was made in 2009 at the occasion of a new production hall opening, when we made the MARLENKA honey cake, which had a weight of 1.106 kg.


The whole event was held within the Beskydské Veseléto festival (the Beskydy Happy Summer), by which Frýdek-Místek statutory town tries to offer all summer entertainment to its citizens.


Once more we want to thank all who have participated the record entry in the Czech Book of Records and we are looking forward to meeting you next time at breaking new records.