MARLENKA – Czech leader of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2019

14. June 2019, 14:08 | CZECH LEADER AWARDS know their winners. The winner in the Moravian-Silesian Region (138 companies) is MARLENKA international s.r.o. known mainly for its popular MARLENKA cake produced with an old Armenian family recipe. The award for MARLENKA international s.r.o. was received by Nshan Avetisyan, son of the company owner.




Gevorg Avetisyan - FORBES

18. April 2019, 09:29 | MARLENKA international s.r.o. is proud of being featured in the prestigious FORBES magazine that dedicated the cover and leading article of its March issue to Gevorg Avetisyan and the extraordinary success of his business.




2018 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the Czech Republic

7. March 2019, 08:45 | Owner of MARLENKA international s.r.o. was nominated among the 5 finalists of the international competition of 2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Czech Republic. In the gala evening in the Slovanský dům, the Special Jury Prize for Business Inspiration of the Decade was awarded to him by an expert jury.




Deputy Governor of the Vologda region visited MARLENKA

26. February 2019, 09:53 | Representatives of the Vologda region in the Russian Federation, partner region of the Moravian-Silesian region, led by Deputy Governor Oleg Vasilev and rector of the Vologda State University Viacheslav Priyatelev visited MARLENKA during their trip across the Moravian-Silesian region and they met Mr Gevorg Avetisjan. During the visit, possibilities as regards further cooperation between the Moravian-Silesian region, MARLENKA and the Vologda region were discussed.




Successful BRC and IFS certification

11. January 2019, 10:41 | At the end of 2018 we successfully passed the certification audit of the BRC and IFS international food safety standards. According to the auditor’s statement we achieved an extraordinary and exceptional result within the Czech Republic as well as within Europe. We passed both these strict standards with the highest scores possible: 99.9 % for IFS, and AA for BRC.




MARLENKA cake in life-size

23. November 2018, 11:10 | To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BekusArt tattoo studio we made a special cake – the studio owner’s life-size body. The cake weighed 75 kg and took 14 days to make.




MARLENKA – Official cake of the new fairytale

6. November 2018, 10:34 | On 24 October 2018 launched the new and the first Czechoslovak fairytale film the Dragon’s Headache. MARLENKA became the official partner of this film and also its official royal cake.




Meeting the legend - Charles Aznavour

21. June 2018, 11:12 | Gevorg Avetisyan met with the world-famous singer his fellow countryman Charles Aznavour in Prague. During a warm conversation the two native Armenians spoke about their mission of spreading the good reputation of Armenia all over the world. Charles Aznavour wished Gevorg Avetisyan and his son Nshan all the best in the forthcoming years of their business, and stated that he was very proud of his successful fellow countrymen.




The Vice-President of the Czech Senate Mrs. Miluse Horska, MSc visited MARLENKA

21. March 2018, 08:00 | Accompanied by Gevorg Avetisyan, Mrs. Horska visited the facility producing the MARLENKA honey desserts. She spent her visit in a friendly conversation about the everyday issues relating to business and the expansion of the production capacities, and was very keen to learn about suggestions how the conditions for entrepreneurs’ work and business could improve.




MARLENKA - Czech Superbrands and Slovakia Superbrands Awards

10. January 2018, 08:52 | Year 2018 started with a great success for MARLENKA international. It won the CZECH SUPERBRANDS for the second time in the Czech Republic, and newly also the SLOVAKIA SUPERBRANDS 2018 in Slovakia.




Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region Ivo Vondrák visited MARLENKA

22. December 2017, 08:48 | The meeting of Gevorg Avetisyan, the owner of MARLENKA international s.r.o. and Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region symbolically closed just another successful year of working together under the Declaration of Mutual Collaboration. Both parties agreed that the collaboration is fruitful and yielding, and that it shall continue in further joint projects that will be developed in the future.




MARLENKA Wins Dispute with Dr. Oetker

8. December 2017, 13:29 | In November 2016 MARLENKA international s. r. o. found out that Dr. Oetker had launched a product (a powdery mixture for making cakes) called MARLENKA on the Turkish market and was selling it in all chain stores (e.g. Carrefour, Metro, etc.). In response to this finding, both the Turkish subsidiary of Dr. Oetker and the German headquarters were contacted in January 2017 and notified of violating the trademark rights of MARLENKA international s. r. o.




MARLENKA won the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic

4. December 2017, 07:38 | The National Quality Awards of the Czech Republic were recognized by the Government of the Czech Republic in its Decree No 806/2001 Coll. With the adoption of the new National quality policy the name of the award was changed to National Quality Award of the Czech Republic. The programme is based on a thorough and objective assessment of the efficiency and quality of all the actions of the given organisation as well as on its evaluation, especially in terms of meeting the customers’ requirements and achieving economic success. The model of the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic issues from the EFQM Excellence Model, which is used as part of European Quality Awards in many European countries.
The son of the company owner, Nshan Avetisyan received the award presented to MARLENKA international at a gala evening held by the Quality Council of the Czech Republic at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle.




Forbes - MARLENKA – a family company

1. December 2017, 10:54 | On 22 November 2017 the FORBES Magazine held a gala evening at the Boscelo Hotel in Prague to celebrate family companies, their members, owners, and all the things that their everyday life in the family business entails. The meeting focused on the specific strategy, culture, and goals of family businesses as a contrast to large global concerns and corporations. The talk show introduced by the editor-in-chief of the Forbes Magazine, Petr Šimůnek, included also the owner of MARLENKA international s.r.o. Gevorg Avetisyan, who spoke about the development of his company on the foreign markets and also about the current dispute between Marlenka and Dr. Oetker in Turkey. The dispute involved the copyright protection of the MARLENKA brand that Dr. Oetker breached by producing an imitation of MARLENKA cakes and selling them under the same name in supermarkets all over Turkey. As part of an out-of-court conciliation, Dr. Oetker had to withdraw all these products from the market and pay compensation to MARLENKA international.




MARLENKA for prince Edward

1. December 2017, 08:00 | MARLENKA international s.r.o. is a proud partner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, an international youth awards programme in the Czech Republic supporting personal development of young people. At the International Gold Event in Prague, a meeting held for the project participants from all over the world, the owner of MARLENKA international met with Prince Edward, Count of Wessex, member of the British Royal Family and the patron of the project. For this special occasion, MARLENKA prepared a special cake in the colours of the charity.




MARLENKA brand is among the Superbrands Award winners of 2017

15. September 2017, 15:33 | Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. Pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world through its publications and national marketing programs. The Superbrands title presented for the fifth year in the Czech Republic after its revival is only awarded MARLENKA® brand that pass several rounds of selection including a GfK consumer survey.




Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs visited MARLENKA

14. September 2017, 10:28 | 14 September 2017, 10:28 | During his visit to the Moravian Silesian Region, Lubomír Zaorálek, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, visited local entrepreneurs.





5. September 2017, 08:24 | In the middle of August, the British jury decided that MARLENKA® products deserve the Great Taste Awards again. It has been the third consequent year of the brand’s participation in the prestigious competition.





1. September 2017, 14:29 | On Saturday 2 September 2017 we are launching this year’s second campaing promoting the popular MARLENKA® brand products, this time both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.







Czech Leader Awards

Historically the first year of the CZECH LEADER AWARDS competition knows its winners. Upon the economic results of purely Czech businesses with minimum annual turnover of 200 million CZK and more than 50 employees the jury awarded the best companies from all 14 regions of the Czech Republic. This year the criterions of the competition were met by 1306 companies, which were selected by the expert guarantor of the awards, CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau.










Ride MARLENKA express trains in Slovakia!

2. January 2017, 10:49 | Special express trains named R 613 MARLENKA and R 602 MARLENKA were introduced at Bratislava Main Station on 14 December. The trains will run in both directions between Bratislava and Košice.




MARLENKA in the heart of SEOUL

16. November 2016, 08:37 | Gevorg Avetisjan and his son Nshan Avetisjan visited South Korea on a trade mission held under the auspices of Mr. Lubomír Zaorálek, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.




Ivana Zemanová visits MARLENKA

11. November 2016, 10:22 | As part of the official visit of the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman to North Moravia, his wife, Mrs. Ivana Zemanová visited MARLENKA international s.r.o.




Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 and Responsible Company of the Year 2016 in Moravian-Silesian Region

25. October 2016 | MARLENKA International is the Vodafone Company of the Year
and Responsible Company of the Year 2016 in the Moravian-Silesian Region.




Great Taste Awards 2016

5. October 2016, 09:31 | For the second consecutive year, the excellent quality and taste of MARLENKA® products has been recognised in this year’s Great Taste Awards. Receiving more awards this year, than in the last year. MARLENKA gained a total of 4 stars, across 3 different products!




Queen Elizabeth II. celebrates her 90th birthday! God save the Queen!

15. June 2016, 07:49 | The company MARLENKA has joined in the congratulations and wished Queen Elizabeth II a happy 90th birthday. As part of her birthday celebrations held at the British Embassy in Prague under the auspices of the British Ambassador, Her Excellency Jan THOMPSON, Gevorg Avetisjan presented a symbolic gift, the Queen’s crown made out of MARLENKA honey cake. The cake was ceremoniously cut by Mrs Marcela Roche, Managing Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.

The cake was a faithful replica of the Queen’s crown, weighed 13 kg and was sized 50 x 50 x 45 cm.







President Milos Zeman on a visit to MARLENKA

24. September 2015, 09:17 | On Tuesday, September 22, 2015, a significant visit – the president of the Czech Republic Mr Milos Zeman – was welcomed at MARLENKA International Ltd. The meeting took place within the framework of his visit to the Moravian-Silesian Region.







Eva Holubova and Bob Klepl in Honey Kingdom

8. April 2015, 14:34 | Actor Bob Klepl arrived accompanied by popular actress Eva Holubova to the Honey Kingdom soak up the atmosphere of his homeland of Armenia.
On this occasion they also enjoyed not only on the products of MARLENKA, but also delicious Armenian cognac.




Finance Minister Andrej Babis visited MARLENKA

17. March 2015, 15:55 | As part of the visitation of the Ostrava the Finance Minister and First Deputy Prime Minister also visited the company MARLENKA International Ltd.




Wedding fair BRIDE 2015

17. March 2015, 13:39 | The company MARLENKA International was seen with its exclusive honey cakes on wedding fair BRIDE in the auditorium of Multifunction Gong in Ostrava




EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2014 - Gevorg Avetisjan

12. February 2015, 09:31 | Gevorg Avetisjan, owner of the company Marlenka international Ltd., repeated his last year’s victory and this year again won the title of the best entrepreneur of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the competition of EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Moravian-Silesian Region 2014







Armenian delegation in Honey Kingdom

2. October 2014, 12:32 | Visit of Armenian Republic delegation




Gevorg Avetisjan and Jirina Bohdalova

24. June 2014, 15:28 | Gevorg Avetisjan on a meeting with Jirina Bohdalova during shooting a coverage for the show „Hobby of our time“




Gevorg Avetisjan with Moravian-Silesian Region Governor Miroslav Novak

17. June 2014, 13:16 | Gevorg Avetisjan with Moravian-Silesian Region Governor Miroslav Novak on the way to the Armenian province of Armavir.




EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 - Gevorg Avetisjan won a special jury prize

13. March 2014, 13:20 | Gevorg Avetisjan attended the final evening in Žofín Palace at the awards EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2013




MARLENKA and Jan Kraus

12. March 2014, 11:12 | The actor and presenter Jan Kraus visited MARLENKA




Gevorg Avetisjan - the winner at the 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Moravian-Silesian Region

19. February 2014, 13:22 | Gevorg Avetisjan, owner of Marlenka International Ltd., a winner at the 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Moravian-Silesian Region, organized by EY under the auspices of the Moravian-Silesian Region governor. The jury was convinced with his diligence and tenacity thank to which the production and sale of honey products for the last three years have almost doubled. The regional winner has been declared for the ninth time in the Moravian-Silesian Region.




Gevorg Avetisjan, Milos Zeman and Serz Sargsjan

12. February 2014, 11:26 | Meeting of Gevorg Avetisjan with the president of the Czech republic Milos Zeman and the president of Armenia Serze Sargsjan




Cardinal Dominik Duka with Gevorg Avetisjan

13. September 2013, 13:47 | Meeting of the cardinal Dominik Duka with Gevorg Avetisjan on the occasion of the 1150th anniversary of Saint Cyril and Methodius arrival.




MARLENKA and economic forum in Chongqingu

18. June 2013, 01:00 | Meeting of Moravian-Silesian Region Governor Miroslav Novák and Vice-Governor of Jiangsu Province Mr. Shi Heping




Felix Slovacek celebrated his 70th birthday! Congratulations!

31. May 2013, 10:49 | The famous Czech musician Felix Slovacek celebrated his 70th birthday on May 22, 2013 at a gala concert in Prague's Lucerna.




MARLENKA celebrated 10 years

21. May 2013, 10:47 | On May 17, 2013 MIKO international Ltd and MARLENKA brand celebrated their 10-year anniversary.




Karel Schwarzenberg in Honey kingdom

19. November 2012, 13:56 | Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg visited Marlenka




Bolek Polívka in Honey kingdom

18. November 2012, 14:00 | Bolek Polívka with his wife in honey kingdom MARLENKA




Christening of the new CD of Lucie Bila

9. November 2012, 14:04 | Gevorg Avetisjan and MARLENKA christened a new CD of the famous Czech singer Lucie Bílá




Felix Slovacek in Honey kingdom

17. October 2012, 14:07 | Felix Slovacek, a famous saxofonist, on tour in Marlenka to see our unique production of the honey cakes and other products MARLENKA.




MARLENKA and Felix Slovacek

3. October 2012, 14:11 | Exclusive decorated cake MARLENKA for Felix Slováček




Karel Gott and MARLENKA

31. July 2012, 14:13 | Exclusive birthday cake for Karel Gott




Christening of Zdenek Troska´s wine

26. July 2012, 14:38 | Marlenka and Gevorg Avetisjan at Zdeněk Troška´s wine christening




Marlenka at Prague Castle

24. August 2011, 14:43 | Since 1st February we have been supplying Marlenka honey cakes to Prague Castle.




A new entry in the Czech Book of Records

23. August 2011, 15:35 | On August, 20th 2011 the third year of Beskydy Records 2011 took place, within which a lishing record of non stop eating the MARLENKA honey cake was made.




Best packaging in 2009

27. November 2009, 15:46 | Marlenka wins award for the best packaging in 2009




Record size Marlenka cake NO. 1

26. November 2009, 15:48 | A new record in the Czech Record Book - the largest Marlenka honey cake was made