Gevorg Avetisjan - the winner at the 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Moravian-Silesian Region

19. February 2014, 13:22 | Gevorg Avetisjan, owner of Marlenka International Ltd., a winner at the 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Moravian-Silesian Region, organized by EY under the auspices of the Moravian-Silesian Region governor. The jury was convinced with his diligence and tenacity thank to which the production and sale of honey products for the last three years have almost doubled. The regional winner has been declared for the ninth time in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

" I am so happy with the award that it can not be expressed in words and as a stranger I am doubly pleased . Every man must do the work honestly and with a heart. And then everything else comes - work, money, success, etc. One must believe that he is doing something special and leave a trail, " said the winner  Gevorg Avetisyan with his immediate impressions. Gevorg Avetisjan´s win was decided by an independent jury, chaired by František Piškanin from the HOPI company, a holder of the title Entrepreneur of the Year 2012. 


 " In countries which have a strong entrepreneurial base and a favorable environment for business, the overall standard of living and quality of life are increasing . In the Czech Republic only one in five Czech is trying to do business, market new products or improve the quality of service. Entrepreneurs should thus be supported with all available means, not only do they provide jobs and help significantly to the development of the region but the whole Czech Republic. I am pleased that this year's competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year  brings again unique business stories that can be an example and motivation for others and confirm that the great business success can be achieved while respecting the rules of fair play, " says Magdalena Soucek, managing partner at EY in the Czech Republic.


  "EY Entrepreneur of the Year Competition is an excellent opportunity for companies, regardless of their size and focus, to present the results of their work. The event was also perceived as a positive and encouraging message to others. Moravian-Silesian governors, with their long-term activities and actions, support businesses, whose high quality is indicated by their previous achievements in this prestigious competition. The award is a recognition and also the motivation for further action," said Miroslav Novák, governor of the Region. The name of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Czech Republic will be, along with winners in other categories, announced on 4 March 2014 in Prague. This year Prague has the biggest stake in a national title this year, followed by South-Moravian and Moravian-Silesian Region. The winner of the Czech Republic will participate in the world finals to be held in June 2014 in Monte Carlo.