1. September 2017, 14:29 | On Saturday 2 September 2017 we are launching this year’s second campaing promoting the popular MARLENKA® brand products, this time both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Based on the well-received first wave of our TV campaign, MARLENKA internetional s.r.o. relaunches a series of successful sponsor references to support its portfolio. Spots promoting MARLENKA® SNACK and NAPOLEONKY will be launched in September, and in addition, spots for MARLENKA® HONEY NUGGETS will be launched in Slovakia.

In the Czech Republic we are basing our campaign on the June wave of advertising, and our spots will be massively shown on all the main TV channels: NOVA, PRIMA, NOVA CINEMA, PRIMA, PRIMA COOL, PRIMA LOVE, ČT1.

In Slovakia, our sponsor references will be shown on the MARKÍZA group channels: TV MARKÍZA, TV DOMA.